Ponderosa near Berlin

Sep 2-8, 2013

Application deadline: August 16, 2013
Space is limited to 40 Participants; the first 10 who have registered and paid get a discount on the price of the research week (not on the food and accommodation part!). No other discount possible!

Application process:
1.) Send us an email where you explain how and since when CI is part of your life; and also write down your curiosities, questions, ideas around CI and what else you would like to offer and share with us during the week. The address is
2.) send €100,00 deposit to
Monika Daniels
KontoNr. 375272501
BLZ 37010050
Postbank Köln
!!!!Put your full name and DanceYourQuestions on the form!!!!!!
For other possibilities to pay (Paypal, International payments) enquire sending an email to
3.)Within a week after we‘ve received the money we will send you a confirmation email.
Facilitated and curated by: Gesine Daniels, Heike Kuhlmann, Elske Seidel

About „Dance your Questions“:
This week is an invitation to experienced CI-practitioners for whom CI is an important part of their life and a practice to learn from - not only about the physics of our moving bodies, but also about ourselves as social, cultural and political human beings and artists. Together we will create an environment for conscious dances and embodied discussions, where each can bring and process their questions with the support and the explorative and curious mind of the whole group.
We welcome people who dance, teach, perform CI, who bring it into other artistic and social contexts, and thus develop CI further and keep it alive.
If you care about the physicality, the history and the philosophy of CI, and hours of dancing, if sharing time and experience, questions, visions and wishes with your peers sounds like heaven to you, we would be honored and happy if you want to come and join us for this week.
This week is a chance to create a place where our creativity, diversity and the art of dancing CI teach us how life can be an always changing, challenging and playful exchange. A place where life is art.
Will we travel through dance, discussion and everyday chores in artistic, responsible, respectful and joyful ways? Can we enjoy the questions and the journey through the new and unknown more than manifesting answers?

Elske, Heike and Gesine will facilitate this week. With our structure/schedule we will provide the skeleton for the week, with our questions and visions we already give it some core muscles and we will need you to bring flesh and nerves, organs and juice to it so it can be alive and moving. So please bring your questions, scores, experiments and curiosities to share. Writing them down and sending them to us with your application, will be your contribution to prepare for the week. We will collect them, get a first idea of our collective mind and find a way to present them to the whole group when we will meet.

From there we will move through the week together.
The three of us will introduce you to the „Where and How“ at Ponderosa and be the ones to speak to if anything needs to be clarified or changed with the house and the general structure before and during the week.
We have created a basic and very open structure for the days that will enable us to find enough time for focussed research and dancing together, for individual and small group activities and chill out, for meals (preparing them together as well!) and some household chores. We have plenty of studio and outdoor space so we can work parallel on different things.
So far we have created a 3-hour score called „dance your questions“ that will give us a frame every morning for exchange through dance and a bit of other stuff (i.e. witnessing, writing, talking).
We will prepare the meals together and our lunch will be frugal so we can focus on our dance-research in the morning.
Apart from the mornings, where we will all join the same practice, there will be at least once a day a time where we all meet, see and sense each other and give space to things that need the attention of the whole group.
Before breakfast there will be space for „dance-dates“ and experiments and offers from participants that are suitable for this time of the day are very welcome.
Also in the afternoons we create the schedule together - depending on ideas questions, offers, the weather and what else wants to be done.
The evenings are open for jamming, sauna, reading, discussions, enjoying each others company or be alone; ... we will see what makes sense to us and do it.

Our vision is to create space,
Where the creative body and mind can flow;
Where we question and process our beliefs;
Where we will be surprised and our way to experience can shift
Where life and art merge;
For embodied research;
To be alone and together;
To arrive deeply in yourself and in the group;
To let questions and inspirations arise and take time to follow them.

Organisation, rent of studios, Kitchen etc:
= € 146,00 (€ 125,00 for the first 10 people who apply and pay)
Sleeping (cheapest version in Studio or own tent):
= € 39
Your contribution to the food-shopping (incl. gas for the car):
= € 50,00 - 70,00

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Gesine Daniels, born 1963, performer, live-artist, founder of SomeBodyElse DanceCo., feminist, mother of two adult daughters and co-mother of a small one.Studied social work, performing arts und dance pedagogy;Interested in bodies and how we (can) use and treat them), dance theory and practice, critical thinking and use of language, communication and relationships between people.I am passionate about inventing and creating my life and identity, beyond cultural norms, expectations and clichees; neither ignoring nor resigning in the face of patriarchal, degrading and capitalist structures. Practicing CI supports me in doing this in good company, to experiment and develop solutions in a humorous, trusting and joyfull way and to include my physicality as much as my intellect, emotions and spirituality. Currently my focus is on ageing in dance and society, the improvisational and technical core of CI and on CI in a site-specific performance-context.I earn my living mostly as a freelance dancer and dance pedagogue, as a chef(cook) and translator.

Heike Kuhlmann, I live and work in Berlin as a dancer, choreographer, teacher and Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapist (DiplIBMT). The integration of body and mind into our dance and our life, being present in the different layers of our body, being able to research in our body for new movement impulses and ideas, becoming aware of our habits and changing, repatterning. I love to dive into the immense ocean of my body to discover my old self as well as discover me in a new way, meeting others, how?, why? what evolves out of that? In the last years I have taught in Brasil, Romania, Spain and England and danced in several pieces internationally. In Berlin I am teaching regularly contemporary dance, BMC and Contact Improvisation and Mornin´Movin´ classes. I am organizing jams, researches and workshops. More infos you can find on: www.

Elske Seidel, based in Berlin, is a passionate CI dancer & teacher, deeply committed to CI and its community internationally. She has been teaching dance full time and wholeheartedly for almost two decades, CI since 2004. In her teaching she is interested in ‘opening spaces where dance in all its magic and play can happen’.
She likes to create CI projects that bring the studio focus outside into nature and into the experience. She enjoys gathering community merging life and dance together.Some of her projects are: Annual Contact Festival Fuerteventura, Contact Saturday Berlin, Berlin Weekend Jam, CI Training Program Hamburg, North Sea CI Camp and Dance Your questions – CI Research Week at Ponderosa.

„When I fell in love with Contact, I noticed a big gap between how I was living my live and what I was practicing and discovering in CI. These discoveries were so meaningful to me that over the course of many years I stripped away things I was busy with, again and again focussing on my core interest and passion.
Creating space for CI in my life.
Merging CI and life together.
Choosing CI as my teacher.

At dance your questions – CI Research Week ...
“Im Fokus geborgen”
I want to dance
live in it
surrendering into its complexity
feeling safe in our consensual focus
I am entering states
living presence
my mind can flow
my body is in full play
my consciousness relaxes and widens
I can see
thoughts are arriving
sharing this with you
in time and space
in dancing, words and
in silence.