In Touch Journey IBIZA June 7-13, 2013

Beyond the Vertical
Contact Improvisation Workshop
with Elske Seidel (Berlin/ Germany)

This workshop is an invitation to dive deep into the details and magic of Contact Improvisation. Discovering lightness, ease and flow in moving together. Listening through the skin, sharing one common center of weight, we sense gravity and its constant call to fall and rise. While moving together, each of our two points of reference offers us support and trust, the earth and the other body. This is a language un-bound to form, based on organizing our bodies efficiently and effortlessly in any moment. Opening to our senses we study the falling body, being ready and responding in each moment, practicing presence.
A central question in our research will be how to find ease and move freely with shared weight into the spherical space. We will enjoy moving beyond the vertical, falling and flying upside down, visiting unknown places.