on the photo: Roland Nordeck and Christoph Schütz

In this workshop we start our dance from deep relaxation and grounding. Long juicy bodywork sessions – strongly influenced by shiatsu principles – are the base for our movement work. We repeatedly explore the transitions between being moved passively to moving actively. Additionally we put a focus on the principle of resistance.
Resisting a partner can be a friendly action, deepening the quality of touch and eventually providing support. By experiencing resisting strucures we deepen our connection to the floor and to the partner. Both helps us to later find deeply connected ways of moving over the floor and up from the floor together.
The juicy and mutually supporting quality of touch eventually helps us to fall into almost effortless lifts!


About me:
I have been practicing CI for about 15 years. My background in bodywork is mainly the basic shiatsu education at ESI (European Shiatsu Institute), which I did in Münster, Germany.
From 2005 until 2008 I studied contemporary dance in Outokumpu, Finnland. I am currently living in Göttingen, where I teach CI and contemporary dance.

I see movement and touch as deeply emotional and valuable forms of human communication, as they can reach beyond the field of verbal expression. Improvisational dance complements my general interest in communication.

Fri 25.01.2013 18-21 (3 hours)
Sat 26.01.2013 10-13 (3 hours) 15-18 (3 hours) + free jam until 21
Sun 27.01.2013 10-13 (3 hours) 15-18 (3 hours) + free jam until 21

Vinttisali, Pirkankatu 1 B, 7. floor, Tampere
Participation Fee
72e for early birds - sign up before 22.01.13
87e after
or 20e per session (each 3h session can be attended separately)

Sign up here:

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More information:
Tanja +358 44 297 4584, Pasi +358 50 338 5832 (Finnish mobile phone numbers)
Roland +49 1525 3448845 (German mobile phone number)