4th International Contact Improvisation Festival Fuerteventura 16.-22.1.2012
Open Contact Camp 10.1.-31.1.2012
join us living & dancing in the SUN ! Ryanair flights for less than 50 Euros one way !

Welcome Dancing Sun-Seekers!
This festival celebrates our CI community!
In the middle of winter, we will gather in a warm beautiful place.
We seek to share quality time doing what we love.
It is about Dancing Bodies & Dancing Places: Arriving in body-time, listening, sensing space. Opening to the emptiness and vastness inside and outside. Allowing yourself to sink into the volcano, learn from the island of Fuerteventura itself, meeting place, expanding mind, and opening the body.

Inside the precision of the studio, and out with wind, stone, sand and water, in the very experience itself – we will listen. We will study the forces of gravity in the focus of the studio as well as taking the exploration into different elements and onto different surfaces. Each re-informing the body while nourishing our dance and our souls.

There will be: Contact Improvisation Workshops, Focused & Open Jamming, Site Specific Dancing (sand dunes, volcanoes, beaches, lagoons, ocean waves), performing in the local theater, lots & lots of spaciousness to just be

Our vision is to create a sense of play within the group, inviting involvement and creativity. Supporting each of us to follow our interests and instincts, ideas, needs and curiosities.

The week before and after the festival we welcome you to
*Open Contact Camp*
Open Contact Camp is an invitation to share life and dance. We can play together in a beautiful location and a warm sunny climate. There will be no specific program or facilitation. The time is completely open for us to follow our needs, desires and interests. We can create, dance, vacation, digest the festival, spend time together & do what we wish.
Some studio access might be possible.

Our teachers:
Sabine Parzer (A), Markus Hoft (GER), Trinidad Martinez (ES), Mokshia Roland Frenzel (ES/GER), Daniel Werner (GER), Gabriele Neumann (GER), Elske Seidel (GER)

MORE INFORMATION ON http://fuerte-festival.dancecontact.de

Please also join us in facebook for communication!

Price: € 320 (We have a lower special price for local people)
The week before and after will be € 6 per night with individual or community cooking. Join us whenever you can!

Surf Course during Open Contact Camp with Peter www.naturalsurfcamp.com

Pre Festival Workshop: Tools and Toys for Contact Improvisation / a technical approach for all levels with Daniel Werner/ January 15 th, evening

Transportation: With Ryanair it is possible to fly for less than 100 € roundtrip! Often Condor and Tuifly have great flight offers!
Cheap flight offers come in regularly. If you want to be informed send an email with "cheap flights Canary Islands" as subject to daniel.werner@dancecontact.de
For further cheap flights & our car sharing system on the island please check our website! www.dancecontact.de
The following airlines offer cheap flights to Fuerteventura: Ryanair, Air Berlin, Condor, Easyjet, Thomas-Cook-Airlines, Transavia, TUIfly. Most of these have frequent special offers, where quick decisions are necessary.
For other low cost airlines check: http://www.etn.nl/lcostair.htm
Also there are sometimes cheap Charter Flights and last minute flights here: http://www.expedia.de/fluege/charterflug/default.aspx?lnkcid=3615&lnkloc=hom

Registration: http://fuerte-festival.dancecontact.de

Please check our web page for updates.

With love, very much looking forward to meeting you.

Gabi Neumann, Daniel Werner und Elske Seidel